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07/17/2006 Entry: "Be It Ever So Filthy..."

Though my knees are at my chin, at least I can get to my computer. I have to slide sideways past the vertical cabinet to get here, wiping construction dirt on my clothes in the process. The Boyfriend washed out a coffee mug for me and dusted off the sugar bowl, but I haven't yet found the motivation in there to sort through the mail or put drop cloths on the furniture again. The Boyfriend and I have both walked around the house looking for random things which got stuffed in random drawers, closets and boxes by our contractor. All in one drawer, you'd find antique vases, sex toys, the checkbook, last week's newspaper, a package of Head On...eventually we found the remote for the TiVo in a box in the basement. It's like we're moving, except that we're not moving anywhere in particular.

Our upstairs neighbors talk about cartoon they once saw with two doors in hell: one was labeled "Eternal Damnation", the other "Living in the House While Renovating It."

Obviously our vacation wasn't long enough.

Now I get to go into work and see how much virtual dust has accumulated there while I was away. I suppose I should go soon, since the electricians are back and moving my desk again.

Definitely not long enough.

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What's this thing called vacation?

Oh. Yes. I seem to remember having gone on one back in 2004 sometime.


Posted by Nala @ 07/18/2006 10:42 AM PST

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