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Saturday, January 19, 2002

I'm a Dirty Little Linkwhore!

Some blatant linkwhoring and tasteless comments to follow. You have been warned.

Apparantly someone let slip the news that BJ had a birthday today. Many more happy ones to my porno-crazed Björk-loving pal.

Me gusta las pegatinas, Ricardo. Gracias. ¿Como estas, conejito?

Somebody just wandered into my room. He was experimenting with makeup for tomorrow. "I just rimmed the bottom!" He said, perkily. He was referring to his eyes, but I nearly died.

10:31 PM PST (link)

With Black Beans, Of Course.

Not to be a haircut blog...

I rounded the corner at 18th and Castro this afternoon. I was going up for a burrito, waiting for the line at Louie's Barber Shop to subside, and whipped around the corner through a bunch of people standing there—club kids handing out fliers, gym boys gossiping, panhandlers, some random people. As I tried not to push people (I'm impatient,) I had to hold the sides of my black coat from flying back and smacking people, and was wearing my new Doc Martin boots, trying to break them in a little.

Behind me I heard someone sarcasticly say, "Ooh, big goth guy, how scary." I should have been angry, but I smiled. I guess I dressed the part well enough, even if I felt like a big dork today. In l'esprit d'escalier, I should have turned around and thanked them for noticing. But I didn't want conflict right then. I just wanted a burrito.

But if there's a particularly Gothic way to eat a burrito, there under Emiliano's watchful eye, I think I did just that.

09:15 PM PST (link)

Friday, January 18, 2002

Things I Must Remember Today.

Stand up for yourself. Not everyone washes their hands before returning to work. Do not trust the Shover Robot; Shoving is the answer. And even though the singular form is an abbreviation, the plural still doesn't need an apostrophe unless it's actually a contraction. 'Postrophe's Rule!

02:38 AM PST (link)

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Working 5 to 7 to 5.

Peel, like an onion,
too many layers of art
in Photoshop. Cry.

They call it "Server,"
but I am its concubine.
Run Faster, Doggie!

I wanted sushi
tonight but my lateness is

I must close Outlook
before I get even one
more little request.

09:18 PM PST (link)

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

More Procrastination Links.

I'm just tickled! In the Which Drink Are You? Quiz I have been deemed a Mojito. Most excellent! This is the cocktail that entices friends of my mother to attack dessert chefs so that I may drink them. Long story.

I'm also quite pleased to see the binary equivilent of my name appears within 3,665,795,364 places of pi. This is highly useless, but immensely interesting. (Link from the Web-Goddess.)

Because I don't have enough to do, I guess, I've also signed up to have my Toys page Swiffed. Which means I have to clean up the links before the Swiffer gets here. Which, thinking about it, is kind of like cleaning up the house before the maid gets there.

Oh, and speaking of linking, let it be known that in ICQ chat today with the Roommate, I sent him a link and then proceeded to attribute from where it came. I have reached a blogging threshold from which there is no turning back.

02:24 AM PST (link)

Monday, January 14, 2002

Abstract (Musical) Expressionism.

It's culture weekend all over. The Boyfriend and I went to see Uri Caine perform on solo piano. Hard to pin down what he does, exactly. Is this Jazz? Definitely. Is this Classical? Yeah, there's that in there too. He played a lot of Jazz standards (from Gershwin to Miles Davis,) some pieces from Bach and Mahler...and a cover of the Beatles "Blackbird." He sews genres together like a Frankenstein's monster; making segues in ragtime and contemporary jazz, repeating classical phrases in increasingly abstract ways, unexpectedly throwing in a few bars from "New York New York" or assaulting a feverish version of "Havah Nagilah". I kid you not. More often than not, it worked. As a performer he's fun to watch, going from a delicate and tender movement to pounding with his fists on the keyboard in the course of one song. Interesting stuff.

11:50 AM PST (link)


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