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Monday, March 12, 2007

Geek Party Rule #12

Note to self: multiplayer Brain Age should never be mixed with Bourbon. Trust me, it'll just end in tears. Two very large, double Manhattans and I sounded like Barbie: "Math is hard...Let's go shopping!"

Since last week San Francisco was the host for the Game Developer Conference, the boys and girls at Gamers Experimentations met up at the Pilsner Inn this past Thursday; Saturday night there was a similar gathering sponsored the folks who bring you GayGamer.net. (Back when I first moved to San Francisco, I knew and went to the same clubs as—and if my memory serves me, might have even gone on a date with#8212;the editor there. Sweet guy. Who knew we'd both come out as gamers?)

There's something delightfully geeky about standing in the back patio of a gay bar and getting wireless games of Mario Kart going with your friends. The looks on the faces of the other patrons is priceless--from "Who let these kids in here?" to "OMG, is that Mario Kart? Blue Shells FTW!" (Those people get drinks bought for them.) But Saturday night had, probably, sixty gay gamers in the bar. When there are more people with Nintendo DS games open than not, it really starts to feel like home.

Well, home for people people who are momentarily bad at math, anyway.

Oh, and did I mention we also had a film crew there from MTV? Keep an eye out for that.

(Cross posted from my Gamespot blog.)

05:10 PM PST (link)
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