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Monday, December 27, 2004

Procrastination Returned.

Back from Northern Virginia. I think I've determined the reason for the area's traffic congestion: it's the large number of magnets on their bumpers. They make all the SUVs stick to each other, especially around the malls.

Christmas was uneventful. The Boyfriend's family is still a pretty amiable bunch, and his parents are great hosts for the holiday. Nevertheless I'm very happy to be back in my own house with High Speed Internet, TiVo and Playstation. And with another week off from work, now I just have to decide between surfing my blogroll, watching Good Eats on the Food Network, or getting back to Kingdom Hearts.

Or, you know, I could work on that list of things to do, the house, this site, my files...maybe I could even get out of my pajamas and take a shower today.

On the other hand, it is wet and cold out there. There's still tomorrow. Where'd I leave the remote?

04:13 PM PST (link)


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