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02/12/2001 Entry: "You're so vain."

So we're still testing. Plus this is kinda ugly. I still have template work to do on it and it needs a real design.

So for the look here, I want it to be lighter. Drowning is very dark, and blue figures prominently in my diaryland site too. I've started with grey -- because it's neutral and a little mysterious. On the other hand, it could just look like Generic 1996 Netscape Homepage Grey.

And grey is nice and all, but what I really want is a lustrous, pearlescent sheen. The bumpy inside of an oyster's shell. A sheen of oil on the water, through the mist. A slightly psychodelic haze across the bare walls. I'm not sure that what I really want is possible without a 200k download on every page; for now I'm going to try to achieve this on the grapics.

The swirly patterns up there... I kind of like them. Again, mystery, psychic powers, something chaotic and a little scary, but airy. So maybe "lighter" only describes the value, not the tone...Also not sure about where it's positioned. It'll do for now, but...

I like the zenner card icons a lot, always have. I don't know that I want to use them iconically across the site, or in the header graphic, or in the final.

Astute readers will notice that the style sheets are stolen directly from my diaryland site. Yes, those might have to change too. Univers? How very.

So I don't know. If you've seen something online that sounds like this, let me know.

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