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03/21/2001 Entry: "Go home!"

Now, I stay at work too much. I know this. Whether I actually work all this time is arguable. Lately I've definitely been working like a dog. But either way I'm in the office a lot. Granted.

My boss came in my office at about 6:20 and told me to go home. "Get out of here! Go home! We're gonna have to start chasing you out with a broom!" she joked, since a recent issue in our area has been the mice in the building (Yes, I have mice at work and at home; aren't I lucky?)

I just sent an email that she was cc'd on and received back this reply:

   "GO HOME!!
   Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld"

I'm not really good at taking a hint, am I?

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You know it's bad when *she's* telling you to get out.

Posted by David @ 03/22/2001 09:45 AM PST

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