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04/12/2001 Entry: "Emphasis on the "No""

I'm trying to find some palatable use for this stuff...Tuno from Worthington Foods. Yes, another fine product from the makers of FriChik and Wham, and other quality, er, canned meat alternatives. Don't ask. Anyway, the stuff has the consistency of cat food and the smell of lightly mustarded schoolroom paste. It's...interesting? Sure, that'll work. What do you expect from a bunch of Seventh Day Adventists who are now part of Kelloggs? Sheesh.

These canned meat things are pretty good sometimes, but not as yummy as those recalled corndogs. I had a bunch of these last month, so if I sprout a few extra arms, you'll know why.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here's Vampi's Vegetarian Recipes. I've found a kindred spirit...

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