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04/27/2001 Entry: "And I'm worth 50 points, suckers."

Yet more bicycle fatalities? And what ridiculous timing. One of my coworker friends was at this protest at City Hall today; I hope they were actually heard.

Now, the Boyfriend (who is also a motorcyclist) has made a good point before-- bicyclists and pedestrians should avoid putting themselves in danger on purpose (i.e., darting out between parked cars, crossing against the light.) As a pedestrian myself, though, I feel secure in saying that enough of San Francisco's drivers are just plain insane enough to make that a challenge.

Not funny, really, but yesterday coming back from lunch we saw an SUV nearly plow into the back of slow moving traffic. He laid on his horn and swerved around, never once dropping his cellphone. Glad I was on the sidewalk.

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