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06/22/2001 Entry: "Conversations With My Inner Brat."

"I want that cookie."
  "No, you don't." [minutes pass]
"I still want that cookie."
  "You can want it all you want; you don't need it."
"But I wanna! [clenching fists]"
  "You've got plenty of sugar in your coffee. You don't need more."
[Stomping foot] "I don't CARE. I want my COOKIE!"

I'm sorry, I can't do any more work today because I've been sent to my room.

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It should be noted, by the way, that later that day after I'd been a good boy for a while, I let myself have a totally different sugar cookie that was leftover from a training lunch. You don't think I'm spoiling myself, am I?

Posted by Casey @ 06/26/2001 11:31 AM PST

i can't tell you why, exactly, but i found this indescribably funny. maybe it's because it's indescribable. or maybe because it's the same sort of conversations i have in my own head, from time to time. not often enough to worry about, though ;)

Posted by dave @ 06/28/2001 10:20 AM PST

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