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09/01/2001 Entry: "Why do stereotypes exist?"

  My hairdresser said he really needs to learn Russian. His 20 year old boyfriend is so very Russian.
  My hairdresser said he took half a Viagra last night and it totally did what it was supposed to do, you know what I mean, girl?
  My hairdresser said his friend and him have the same first name, but that his friend was 15 years older than he is. "She didn't just go there, yes she did, Oh my God!"
  My hairdresser said that one time his boyfriend had sex with him totally in the air; that he was all, like, uh-uh-uh (demonstrating on the back of the barber chair) and that even in the positions that aren't so good he totally counts his blessings.
  My hairdresser said that he liked going to [bar in a distant neighborhood] except that he didn't like their shows during the day, and their food was all, like, Veggie Burgers and the crowd was a little scary and he didn't like going that far and it was awful, y'know?
  My hairdresser said he's worried that his 20 year old Russian boyfriend is going to cheat on him while he's out of town. He thought he should get his Tarot Cards read or see a psychic, but another customer thought maybe he should just think about it or ask some of his friends or something.
  My hairdresser said that if they have Russian Tarot Cards, he is so buying them.

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