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11/07/2001 Entry: "What to do with them?"

A bunch of links that frankly, I don't know what to do with:

  • The Penguins and Echidna Flash Game. I cannot express how much I enjoy this. (Link via Firda.)
  • The opposite of Lego Porn: Lego Bible Stories. I love the Last Lego Supper.(Link via the Boyfriend.)
  • A personal journal that interested me...Mark And(erson). Or, if you'd rather not read his writing, you can just borrow his books. (Link via Jason, who I'm happy to say, now covets an Apple Laptop. See what California Livin' will do to a person, eh?)
  • People Pollute Pottery Barn Pages. Sorry, couldn't help it. The Pottery Barn Catalog is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I do look at it with a "strange mix of obsession and revulsion." But I now understand my attraction completely; imagine how much nicer looking our places would be if those messy humans just didn't have to live there? (Link via Max.)
  • Recently spotted on the third floor at work: Funhouse Pinball, one of my favorite pinball games, besides Roadshow (we'd always say, "Yeah! Shoot it in Ted's Mouth!") and, of course, The Addams Family. I might start leaving work even later than usual soon.

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oh my god... i LOVE that pottery barn article!! i'm still laughing... and still a bit scared... xoxo

Posted by pottery barn whore no longer @ 11/08/2001 10:20 AM PST

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