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01/16/2002 Entry: "More Procrastination Links."

I'm just tickled! In the Which Drink Are You? Quiz I have been deemed a Mojito. Most excellent! This is the cocktail that entices friends of my mother to attack dessert chefs so that I may drink them. Long story.

I'm also quite pleased to see the binary equivilent of my name appears within 3,665,795,364 places of pi. This is highly useless, but immensely interesting. (Link from the Web-Goddess.)

Because I don't have enough to do, I guess, I've also signed up to have my Toys page Swiffed. Which means I have to clean up the links before the Swiffer gets here. Which, thinking about it, is kind of like cleaning up the house before the maid gets there.

Oh, and speaking of linking, let it be known that in ICQ chat today with the Roommate, I sent him a link and then proceeded to attribute from where it came. I have reached a blogging threshold from which there is no turning back.

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mmm, mojito, uurrlllgg.

Posted by aaron @ 01/17/2002 10:51 AM PST

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