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01/30/2002 Entry: "It's War-vertising!"

What a great idea to bring a whole new audience to the Superbowl broadcast this weekend? Think of all those fresh new eyeballs in that far-left liberal market, silently fuming while waiting around to watch a couple million tax dollars go down the toilet ! I mean, what's wrong with a little brainwashing? (Maybe this is deprogramming. Or maybe reprogramming?) Besides, if we don't fill up all the commercial spots around the Superbowl, then the terrorists will have already...well, you know.

(First two links via Cory and The Roommate. The sarcasm, however, is all mine.)

Replies: 2 comments

i loved that article for clueless homos, of which i am one. we used to make bets with the straight guys when i waited tables in college, and i'd just make up random numbers and facts and figures. amazingly i'd win! we all got a kick out of it.

Posted by pj @ 01/31/2002 07:15 PM PST

The Boyfriend used to pick football games against a roommate who used careful stats and point spreads and painstaking calculations. The BF flipped a coin. I think the coin was slightly more accurate.

Posted by Casey @ 01/31/2002 07:18 PM PST

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