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02/26/2002 Entry: "My socks! I can't move my socks!"

About two hours of fiddling with USB ports and reinstalling software for my Visor.Doing a soft reset. Pip! and it worked.
Two months of car worries and anxiety.The expected phone call from the donation agency.
Thin socks in new Doc Martins.Large adhesive bandages and a paper towel. (One trip to RiteAid and we have a more sophisticated solution, which might be effective too.)
Carrying rolls of film from the Chinese New Year Parade around with me during lunch.Getting a sleek new haircut with minutes to spare before the parade.
A carefully planned production schedule with plenty of flex room and clear review cycles.Emergency-mode chaos to meet a deadline pushed up a couple of days. He's just the CEO, what's the worry?
A weekend with lots of time to do get things done.Monday evening after 11 with a meeting early tomorrow.

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