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04/12/2002 Entry: "Stumbling Into Friday."

Being told (by our department's Vice President, no less) to leave work and go for drinks seemed like a wonderful idea at the time. But I think the shot of Patrón has pushed me this far over the limit. When I show up tomorrow in dirty clothes because I was too drunk to do laundry, they may rethink their decision.

This will be the weekend of San Rafael. Not only are we seeing Jonathan Richman at New George's on Friday, but also the next night is the Miss Gay Marin Pageant...at New George's. My assignment for Monday morning: compare and contrast the two audiences. I also hope to see last month's crew (and other wonderful local blogfolk) to cheer on the Girls' bloodbath contest.

This all means I'm not likely to play much Black and White this weekend. Which is OK, since I have a feeling someone else will do just fine power-testing it for me.

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"You're fucking movie stars? Well I'm fucking congressmen."

Posted by David @ 04/14/2002 11:25 AM PST

It was a tough decision between the two. I do love me some Imperial Teen....

Posted by Casey @ 04/14/2002 04:42 PM PST

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