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04/25/2002 Entry: "Children and Meat."

"Take Our Daughters To Work Day" seems to have metastasized at our office into "Take Our [Screaming] Children To Work Day." Setting aside the social ramifications of changing "Daughters" to "Children" for a moment, they're nonetheless infringing on my celebration of "National Shut the Hell Up Month." (Link via The Roommate.)

We work at a pretty young company, so I'm not likely to see any High School Stereotypes walking around anytime soon, though I'd like to see some sullen teens who know how to work their computers better than their parents. At least they don't scream like the small ones do. (My High School Stereotype? The Goth. Duh.) (Link via Kris.)

In a strange coincidence, my father just called me from his work (he works for a large grocery store chain) on his cellphone. This is a strange enough thing on its own, but then he told me why he called: he's giving a Powerpoint presentation in about 15 minutes on a projector, and wanted to know why the meat in his pictures was showing up all black.(Link via Miss R.)

I thought about telling him that it must have spoiled on the hard disk overnight, but I figured he wouldn't have appreciated that right then.

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