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04/30/2002 Entry: "The Black Freighter, with a Skull on its Masthead."

Noon by the clock
and so still by the dock
You can hear a foghorn miles away
And in that quiet of death
I'll say, "Right now.
Right now!"
Then they'll pile up the bodies
And I'll say,
"That'll learn ya!"

Since my MP3 player is still on the fritz, I've been listening to my CD Walkman on the way to work instead. It's good to hear the CDs that couldn't or didn't get burned to MP3; However I think I'm going to have to stop listening to Mark Almond's "A Virgin's Tale." I can't hear his cover of Pirate Jenny without fantasizing about keel-hauling that bitch with the cellphone or that asshole on the train, or making the whole line of people in front of me buying Fast Passes walk the plank just because I was in a bad mood. I love the pirate mystique—blame too much Adam Ant in my youth—but I'm not so much for the reality of seafaring. It's all just the theatricality of it. Nevertheless, I do think I'd love a good pair of pirate boots with buckles.

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Pirates are so goddamn sexy.

Posted by Jason @ 05/01/2002 08:17 AM PST

...and I think I need a Queer Jolly Roger (A "Jolly Bugger?") to hang outside the house. A skull and a pink triangle on a black flag? Or maybe a skull and phallus? What'dya think?

Posted by Casey @ 05/01/2002 12:23 AM PST

always nice to see some adam ant and marc almond blogging. and p.s. you, my dear, have something coming via the u.s. mail. just watch yer box, baby!

Posted by pj @ 05/01/2002 09:29 PM PST

Oh, just make the skull and crossbones pink and you're all set.

I am reminded of yesterday conversations on #blogirc where Zannah and Brad adamantly stood by The Pirate Movie.

Posted by Jason @ 05/02/2002 10:21 AM PST

"pour oh pour the pirate sherry
fill oh fill the pirate glass
and to make us more than merry
let the pirate bumper pass!"

bumper, huh? sounds like a disco dance party to me!! =)

Posted by the pirate king @ 05/02/2002 03:47 PM PST

"Pull up to the pirate bumper, baby / in your long black Clipper Ship..."

Strange, Jason. And after I posted this, I noticed a post on plasticbag.org on pirates vs. ninjas.

I cannot support The Pirate Movie, however, just on general principle.

Posted by Casey @ 05/02/2002 04:25 PM PST

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