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05/02/2002 Entry: "Positives and Negatives."

Good things:
• A blooming Amorphophallus titanium, the "corpse flower." (Link via The Roommate.)
• "Focus" sports drinks with Gotu Kola and ginseng in. Does it actually do anything? Probably not. But it's tasty.
• Studying up on Russian Constructivist Design for Bingo tonight.
• Getting my roll of film sent to Stephanie for the Film Exchange Project. (Not only do we share a birthday, but she's a Holga Enthusiast too.
• I live in a country where, at least for the moment, I am not required to pray today. (Link via Reese.)
• Friends I haven't seen in a while are having a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday. Mint Juleps, mmm. Any tips on the horses?

Bad things:
• I keep mousing down to try and invoke the Dock in MacOS 9.
• Catching up with the noise about potentially unhealthy effects of soy products. I'm not sure bad science might not be involved on either side of research.
• Having to wait to get my Film Exchange film from Cory. Hurry, Mr. Postman, hurry!
• Boots with a squeak.
• A slight lingering—and slightly rancid—smell from the croissant I ate for breakfast. Am I sweating butter, or do I just need to wash my upper lip? Gross.
• The world's least inspiring project at work. I hate nodding off during stand-up meetings.

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If you're interested in the Amorphophallus titanium then see http://www.news.wisc.edu/titanarum/

If you need a dock for OS9 try out Jerome Foucher's excellent A-Dock. Some people (me) think it's better than the apple version.

Posted by David @ 05/03/2002 11:56 AM PST

"I keep mousing down to try and invoke the Dock in MacOS 9"

I do that every time I use my boyfriend's computer, which is actually running 8.6. It throws me for a loop.

Posted by darren @ 05/08/2002 12:36 AM PST

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