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05/27/2002 Entry: "Born To Cry."

While we had a lovely time at the Sonoma winery Saturday, neither the Boyfriend or I were prepared for the pollen. Within minutes of getting there, I started sneezing and tearing up, and even after taking a allergy pill, my eyes were still itchy and irritiated.

After a day, the Boyfriend seems to be finally recovering from his congested sinuses; I, however, seem to have acquired an eye that's a lovely shade of pink. Despite a night's sleep and today's liberal (internal) applications of blueberry syrup and a new firewire cable, respectively, neither my eye nor my external hard drive seem to have recovered. This may mean that my entire MP3 library has been suddenly "recycled." I would cry if my eye didn't hurt when I did so.

Tonight? I'm vain enough that even if I have tomorrow to recover, I don't think I'd want to be seen at a club night tonight (Quite frankly, both my eye and I are too irritated to be bothered.) I'd be depressed about this all, but I'm doing my best to self medicate.

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something sweet and marc almond? throw in a martini and i'm on the next plane to s.f., baby!

Posted by pj @ 05/27/2002 05:51 PM PST

Ahhh, yes, Sonoma during allergy season. I was somehow unafflicted while growing up; it took moving to (you'd think) well-ventilated Santa Barbara to activate my mild reactions. Now, I suffer with the rest of you, even in (you'd think) well-ventilated San Francisco.

Posted by Huntington @ 05/31/2002 09:43 AM PST

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