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07/11/2002 Entry: "Soy Un Perdedor."

While I hate to jinx anything...I mean, I haven't really been trying to do anything...but I seem to have misplaced, oh, say, about five pounds. Imagine my surprise this morning when I stumbled naked from the shower to my room past the scale. For shits and giggles (and in no hurry at 9:04AM to rush in to work,) I stepped upon it and saw a number that's ordinarily associated with the point where they start measuring my weight. I got off and checked the scale's zero. I got back on. I leaned forward and back, trying to make the number move to the place it's "supposed" to be. Okay, admittedly, this was pre-breakfast and post-defecation, so it's bound to be low, right? But I checked after dinner tonight and while it's not as dramatic as this morning, sure enough, I seem to be missing a little something. Don't know where it went.

Oh, wait, I think I hear it inside the unopened bag of potato chips on top of the fridge.

On the other hand, my Visor has been in the mood to drop unnecessary pounds too; the damn thing has begun to crash violently on a semi-weekly basis, only allowing itself to be restored by erasing all my data and re-synching. Harrumph, says I. Good thing we're between projects at work (I seem to still have a job, if you were wondering from a previous entry) so I can navigate their online tech support. I remember it being so much fun the last time.

So I suppose you lose some, and...you lose some. Or something.

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Hey! I think I found your 5 pounds!! It's on me. I have been trying to gain weight for like EVER! And it is finally showing. Congrats to you for your loss, my gain!

Posted by geno @ 07/12/2002 08:05 AM PST

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