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07/24/2002 Entry: "Not Just A Little Bit Off."

Omigod. I have all next week off from work. Well, there's a departmental conference call I'd like to hear on Tuesday, but I can miss that. And I will, if the Boyfriend and I end up going somewhere. But we've made no plans yet. What would you do with a somewhat unexpected week off?

I felt a little uncomfortable, asking only a week beforehand for an entire week off. But then, my biggest problem at work lately has been spreading out the work across all five days, something that I'm not good at. Either I procrastinate and read Weblogs until the very last second before something is due, or I'll rush through and get everything done in an afternoon and have to wait for the next project to come in. OK, usually it's the former, but this week has been an exception. Now I just have to look busy for a couple of days more.

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Like Shakespeare? How 'bout a trip up to far northern California and southern Oregon, centered on a few days in Ashland? Rooms might be hard to come by at this short notice, but maybe not in (ugh) Medford...

Posted by Huntington @ 07/25/2002 11:52 AM PST

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