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08/11/2002 Entry: "Flocked Wallpaper Extravaganza!"

David Gwynn's Birthday Dinner
Nice to know that I wasn't the first vegetarian to attend David's Birthday Dinner. David and Mark were very cute together—proof that you can be curmudgeonly and crazy for somebody else. The Boyfriend asked me later, "How many of these people have Websites?" Well, I know of Betty's, Sarah's, and Dan's (I think...right?), so that's just about everyone there. Besides, doesn't everyone in the Bay Area have their own domain name by now?

Happy Birthday David; here's to many more. Now I'm off to drink some beer.

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Sure.. Some of us didnt' even get invited... That is okay.. I will just sit here alone in the Dark.

Posted by MaryMae @ 08/11/2002 08:40 PM PST

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