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08/14/2002 Entry: "Headaches and Headphones."

Oof. I'm not yet back into the swing of this week. I had a lot of fun on Sunday afternoon/evening. I also drank a bit more than usual. (Well, I was intoxicated for a longer period of time; I've been more drunk than that.) There's a reason why I rarely drink like that; I think my hangover headache is finally passing, three days later. Drink more water.

Until I can write a good diary entry about it, I'm kind of stuck for content. The Meyers-Briggs test seems to have gone around again. I took it again but nothing's changed. Please go stand by the stairs so that I can protect you. Not too exciting.

More exciting is George's Earphone Project. I almost always have earphones in for my walk home, in my own little world as I tear up the pavement. Here's what yesterday's walk was like.

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