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11/06/2002 Entry: "I'm Not Sure Who's Fooling Who Here."

Oh Zion please remove your glove
dispel every trace of His spoken word
That has lodged in my vortex
  -Tori Amos, "Pancake"

Liberals in denial: trust me, don't think about it. Think about cute little fuzzy creatures or something. Contemplate it too long and you'll just end up feeling like shit. Do not picture conservatives dancing around, making nanny-nanny-boo-boo faces. Do not get stinking drunk and contemplate buying a weapon. Do not give up and leave your doubleparked SUV in front of handicapped spaces at McDonalds. Do something else instead.

I wouldn't recommend distracting yourself with a lot of pointless quizzes, though. What a waste of time.

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Those links actually made me feel better, which should tell you just how freaking depressed I truly am. It's going to be a rough 2 years...

Posted by Max @ 11/06/2002 12:55 AM PST

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