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12/05/2002 Entry: "Shake Thoroughly Before Pouring."

I'm running out of steam early tonight, at least in comparison with last night. Of course, yesterday when I ordered a Cafe Americano, I think they substituted the hot water with more espresso. That would explain why I saw 3:30 AM so effortlessly last night.

But tonight I am far too full of iceburg lettuce salad and pie. Oof. If I may speak frankly, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable in my underpants. (Hee. I love Mashimaro.)

To review: Espresso yesterday, Salad tonight, Bingo tomorrow (with special guest stars,) Sleep now.

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I sent _underpants_ to a friend, and she replied:
"Strange spanky sumo obese rabbit getting a wedgie masturbation from a goat."

Posted by Colin Davis @ 12/06/2002 12:06 AM PST

Word on the street is Three Thirty, A.M. bribed your barrista. Three Thirty, A.M. wanted to see you and took the sneaky initiative.

Posted by Panchesco @ 12/06/2002 01:09 PM PST

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