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01/30/2003 Entry: "Small Items, Fresh To-Day."

I've got a bigger post coming, but not until I've finished the Lingering Project Of Infinite Revisions and Approvals.

  • I understand that it was only the prototype, but I still find it funny that the current Game Neverending ends tomorrow. (It's kind of a fun game, really, although it's pretty dependant on chat—and I'm not.)
  • Were I your political leader, we'd all be living in a Scandanavian Liberal Paradise—at least, that's what they call it. I would be concerned that my country's political freedoms are considered "below average," but then again politics have never been my strong suit.
  • The other day I tried to make something we call Squash Panchesco; except, when I did it, my Squash Casey came out too fatty and too bland. I'm trying very hard not to think about it as an analogy.
  • A woman in our office posted a big sign next to her desk: "Eat Me!" in big bold letters. It did a doubletake before I noticed the tin of candy bars underneath the sign. I'm just glad I saw them before I put up my "Fuck You!" sign.
  • I'm thinking of buying a monitor tonight. But I'm wondering if maybe they're just not big enough.

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