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02/13/2003 Entry: "Russell Stover Chocolates Still Suck."

Fat. Naked. Dangerous. You know, I'm beginning to doubt that I was ever really that bitter about Valentine's Day. I mean, I'm bitter about everything, so I have to mean evil-black-spit-in-your-face bitter to be worthy of note. (The lady doth protest too much, methinks.) I know I don't have that kind of venom anymore, but I'm beginning to wonder if I ever did.

F'rinstance...I used to make it a point to wear my black suit on Valentine's Day; given my current wardrobe choices, nobody would notice anything different if I did it today. (I mean, I get grief from people at work when I wear a grey shirt.) So to liven things up now, I usually wear a red shirt on Valentine's Day, or at least when we go to dinner. Ooh, how daring. Does this make me a traitor? I think it may.

And it's true, Valentine's Day dinner is one of the most overpriced nights to dine out. Service can be scattered; it's probably a horrible night for tips and people making special requests. But I like eating out, and if there's one more night each year where I get to eat out with my boyfriend, how can I be opposed to that?

Oh shit; I think I hear the Pessimism Police coming to rescind my Bitterness card now.

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On a day so which inspires such universal and passionate bitterness, I think a bright red shirt is the perfect act of rebellion.

Posted by Huntington @ 02/14/2003 09:47 AM PST

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