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02/18/2003 Entry: "Playlist Contest."

I finally updated my site's playlist. Since I got the iPod, I haven't had to make short playlists for my MP3 player in a while. The previous list was up there for quite a while.

Can you guess how this playlist was made? I'll burn a compilation CD of these tracks (whatever fits) for anyone who figures it out. (Actually, heck, I'll burn a CD for anyone who's interested. Email me or leave me a comment if you want one.)

UPDATE 4/3/2003: I never mentioned how the playlist was made...they're all songs that, for whatever reason, came into my head in a two week period without prompting. (i.e., I didn't hear it at a store or on my iPod earlier that day.) Most of them came to me at work, sitting in silence. It turned into a 2-disc set of highly memetically active material. So now you know.

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