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02/24/2003 Entry: "Notes On Hygiene."

Note to self: If the label says something like "Eats through Soap Scum" then that same "eating" mechanism probably applies to the skin on your fingers too.

Note to self: Don't use the "natural latex" bandages in the first aid kit at work. You remember that scene in Ghostbusters where the heroes end up covered in marshmallow goo? That's what you'll be plucking off your already-sore finger after removing it.

Note to self: Remember to stand as far away as possible from the automatic-flushing toilet at all times.

Note to self: Even though you're distracted about the automatic toilet spitting at you, the sore finger, and the bandage goo, please try to remember to close your fly after leaving the restroom. Your coworkers are already looking at you funny what with the goo and the yelping, and the finger you might wish to give them is, as previously stated, otherwise occupied.

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That good of a day, huh.

Posted by Jason @ 02/24/2003 04:50 PM PST

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