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03/04/2003 Entry: "O Come, Let Us Abhor Them."

Irritable. I find myself stepping in front of people, cutting them off on the sidewalk because they're slower than I am. I realize hours later that someone's conversational opening ("So, have you been sick lately?") was an opening because he wanted to talk about himself. Oh, I forgot, that smalltalk thing. I'm sullen, suspicious, and disrespectful of others. In short, I am running with sissors and not playing well with others.

I feel tired and mean, and liable to transform into something wholly uglier than I already feel. And as if to comply with the inner thoughts, my face is greasy and I'm starting to break out, and occasionally my voice has been falling into little more than a croak. But with the mood I'm in, I imagining the claws and flippers forming and suddenly my coworkers discover that my ancestors' name was actually Marsh.

That would explain why our kitchen sink smelled like that yesterday.

Of course, whatever I suspect of my potential, there will be those who say I was never very scary to begin with.

Instead I'll just chalk this all up to eMenses and think positively of the week ahead. Like the BlogMeet Wednesday to see Hedwig at the Victoria. Like Bingo on Thursday. Like Friday, Sweet Blessed Friday.

What day is it today? Damn.

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We can compare zits tomorrow night.

Posted by William Ted @ 03/04/2003 12:20 AM PST

what day is it today?

it's your day!! make it lovely.

(BAHAahahaha, i was going for ultraannoying. did it work?)

Posted by aaron @ 03/04/2003 02:27 PM PST

omg are you going too?? how cool!!!

Posted by gnome-girl @ 03/05/2003 02:41 PM PST

That's funny... I figured I was the only one who had ever been to CthuluLives.Org. '-)

Posted by biologic show @ 03/06/2003 10:34 AM PST

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