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03/06/2003 Entry: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Whether You Blog It Or Not: Hedwig!"

I think we were all really into the show. Some of us more than others.

I'm definitely not going for the First Post award here, but I was busy. My thanks to Jill, Vince, William Ted, Gretchen, Cheyenne, Erik and Zack, Sharon, The Boyfriend* and his friends, for a great time at last night's performance of Hedwig. I'm not sure whether meeting and seeing you all made the show more exciting or vice versa.

But I know one thing: The graphical abomination posted here ought to inspire me to post more. How many days before it falls into the archives? Shudder.

Replies: 2 comments

But you look so cute.. that is you in drag isn't it? OOOOO that gives me yet ANOTHER silly idea...

SMooches to you and P.

Posted by vince @ 03/06/2003 12:21 AM PST

Perhaps not the first post, but most definitely the prettiest.

Your boyfriend is tasty, by the way!!

Posted by William Ted @ 03/07/2003 12:06 AM PST

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