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03/28/2003 Entry: "Uphill All Four Ways."

I spent far too much of today trying to do something, anything, and feeling thwarted in the process. I would get about 20 minutes into a project and someone would ask me about something else and I'd be away from it for an hour or two. You know those days? Yeah. I suppose it didn't help that my commute to work was precisely three songs long: "Slave to the Rhythm", "Happiness in Slavery," and a song by Front Line Assembly ("You can't say yes, you can't say no/You're living in a fascist world.") So maybe I didn't go in with quite the right attitude.

Coming home (late) I put on my Demon playlist and thought some more about what kind and color of wings I would have had. By the time I got home I had mad plans about putting on boots and wandering out to some South of Market rock club or another to drink beer and leer menacingly at the puny hu-mans.

You might get the sense that I'm easily influenced by the music I hear. You might be right. But I think perhaps I'll have a little sushi and think it over. I won't rule it out, if I can think of somewhere to go; but the Roommate's been playing the über-homosexual remix of "When The Money's Gone," so all bets are off at this point.

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Whenever I hear "When The Money's Gone", I always think of Tucson.

Posted by David @ 03/29/2003 07:57 PM PST

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