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07/20/2003 Entry: "Sleeping Soundly."

I realize now that this weekend has been the first chance I've had to sleep in for the past several weeks. I think I might have been able to get up late on the fifth; otherwise, I've been getting less than four hours a night. Too much to do and see, and I don't want to miss anything. But largely I'm glad that I've been able to catch a lot of good music.

Thursday night was the Monsters of Accordian at the Odeon Bar. A nice joint, but a few too many hipsters for my tastes; white girls with dreadlocks, guys in ironic hats and chunky black plastic glasses.

But I love the Monsters. Daniel Ari, the spoken word poet with self-deprecating humor and smart lyrics; Aaron Seeman (creator of the Punk Rock Orchestra,) covering everything from the Dead Kennedys to Chopin, with stops in between for "More than A Feeling" by Boston and "O Holy Night." And Jason Webley, the young madman pounding on the stage and playing accordion while standing above us on the bar. We raised our glasses of Death and Taxes Ale and sang along until we were hoarse.

Perhaps we had a bit much Death and Taxes. Friday was a very long day, and I was glad to sleep in on Saturday. If Sister Edith made any noise while getting ready that morning, I didn't know it.

Last night we saw The Fire Garden, which was neat, because it's, well lightning and fire. I was most impressed, though with Loop!Station, a cellist and vocalist who weave together some extraordinary sounds with a live sampler and effects pedals.

However, I'm mostly reminded of this sleep deprivation as the Boyfriend snores beside me while I write this, drinking a cup of coffee and contemplating seeing the Japonize Elephants tonight at the Bottom of the Hill. They're a fun group to see live. But looking at my calendar of the week ahead, knowing that sleep may be one of those things that I'll have to miss...

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oh casey. you have all the artsy hipster fun. i just went to super k-mart and felt like a cultural giant! :-( hee hee hee.

Posted by pj @ 07/22/2003 06:12 PM PST

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