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09/29/2003 Entry: "None Drunker."

"Please dahling, your Auntie Mame is hung."

I think the problem was trying to keep up with Sister Lily last night at the Eagle. And since she was working the gate for much of the Street Fair, I might have had a head start; why did so many people I know have to work at beer booths this year? Sure, this morning she stumbled out of her daughter's room and blamed me for goading her on, but when Google indexes my site, the Internet will know the truth.

At least the desk at work has finally stopped spinning. Photos are available of the day's events. (Probably not considered "work-safe.")

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Be a dear and send me fingerbang to post, would you? Besos.

Posted by -J. @ 09/29/2003 11:46 PM PST

omg. cheese cake on a stick? there is a god. also, can you even buy non-assless pants in s.f., or do you have to order them by catalog?

Posted by pj gallagher. @ 09/30/2003 09:07 AM PST

Darling, I'm sure you were only sake drunk.

Posted by Huntington @ 10/01/2003 04:46 PM PST

Cheesecake on a stick: kinky AND practical.

Posted by Panchesco @ 10/01/2003 09:17 PM PST

All I know is... I would have been extremely bored.

Posted by Nala @ 10/02/2003 01:09 PM PST

Can you tell me about this single guy, James...and how much he likes bears?

Posted by Victor @ 10/02/2003 11:49 PM PST

Hands off! Sister saw him first. Don't nuns get to claim droit de seigneur or some'at...? ;)

Posted by Sister Edith @ 10/04/2003 01:54 PM PST

yep - very cool

Posted by anne @ 10/07/2003 02:27 PM PST

I don’t know you.

Posted by -J. @ 10/08/2003 10:03 PM PST

Okay, I'm holding a dildo shaped like a cross with Jesus right on it, and you're all skipping right over and talking about cheesecake. That's either awesome or completely whack. Fantastique!

Posted by Jason @ 10/09/2003 04:35 PM PST

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