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10/09/2003 Entry: "Enemy Frigate Off The Starboard Bow!"

Son of a bitch. Every year the damn thing sneaks up on me. The Blue Angels just buzzed the financial district and I nearly leapt under my desk, thinking Arnold had come to raze the city. "Zo you deedun't vant to vote for me, Zan Franzisko? Eat zis!" I may need to go home and change.

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I was in my dentists chair when they went buzzing past. It always makes my neck hair bristle. Well that, and the sailors walking on the embarcadero.

Posted by Keith @ 10/09/2003 05:56 PM PST

I was standing at Market & Van Ness yesterday when the Blue Angels flew over and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Growing up an Air Force brat provided me with my fill of air shows so I am most certainly NOT impressed with the Blue Angels (Navy), Thuderbirds (AF), or any of the other planes that have been buzzing my city showing off their large penises.

(And what kind of name is the Blue Angels anyway? Kinda wimpy if you ask me.) /rant

Posted by Katrina @ 10/10/2003 01:32 PM PST

We have lots of ladybugs all around.

No jets.

But lots of ladybugs.

*sigh* the Cowlands suck balls.

Posted by Nala @ 10/10/2003 02:38 PM PST

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