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12/23/2003 Entry: "What Not To Miss."

I seem to have missed several chances to write about the past week.

We missed the power outage. While it only happened a few blocks from my house, we never lost power; nor was it at The Boyfriend's, nor at the theater where my friends Sherilyn and Katrina (who took on an understudy role she hadn't known she was doing nor had rehearsed with aplomb) were having a show. I meant to introduce Jason to Sherilyn; he might be interested in Wicked Messenger, as might you. But I'm not sure where she was after the show; we missed her.

I missed calling my mother all week. I'd get tired at 11 and just collapse. I actually fell asleep in my chair once or twice. Funny how pretending to be working is more tiring than actually working.

We nearly missed a deadline at work...nothing like clients waiting until the last minute to get back to us on two projects just before most of the company takes a long vacation. But off they went, and off I went. And now I'm not supposed to think about it until the fifth of January, which seems like a long way from here.

I missed getting presents in the mail; they'll have to wait until I get back from Christmas at the Boyfriend's parents' house. We're hoping not to miss our plane, that the baggage handlers don't miss when they throw our luggage onto conveyor belts, singing "I'm dreaming of an Orange Christmas...." (I'm not any more paranoid than I would be normally anyway. I'm more freaked out about the family portrait that's being taken later this week, actually.)

Anyway, I'll have spotty Internet access the next few days and even spottier control of my time, so updates are unlikely before next week. Try not to miss me.

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OK . . . I'm trying really hard. But I can't help it . . . I miss you. : p

Posted by William Ted @ 12/26/2003 09:04 PM PST

...Katrina (who took on an understudy role she hadn't known she was doing nor had rehearsed with aplomb)...

*blush* Thank you.

Posted by Katrina @ 12/27/2003 12:08 AM PST

Seriously, Katrina, you kicked ass. :)

Posted by Jason @ 12/29/2003 12:03 AM PST

Seriously, Katrina, you kicked ass. :)

I'm very flattered that you think so! Next month I'm scheduled to appear in a stage production of a Twilight Zone episode and this time I'll actually get to rehearse my role. :)

Posted by Katrina @ 01/02/2004 09:45 AM PST

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