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02/02/2004 Entry: "Look, My Eyes Are Dry...."

Now, I am not the butchest thing on two wheels, but I do have to say that this year the game was gay more interesting than the ads. (Good ads were the NFL's "Tomorrow," Staples' "Randy The Supply Supervisor," truth's "Shards o' Glass" and an honorable mention to Monster.com's "Find The One You Dig"). The game was actually kind of exciting...especially by comparison.

I also feel a little dirty, that any credibility I had of "I only watch it for the commercials" has been tainted. (And I only read Honcho for the articles, too.) I mean, I actually knew what a two-point conversion was without the Boyfriend explaining it to me. I feel cheated—that I was somehow tricked into watching televised sports. Even if the halftime show was the most homosexual thing ever, Janet's boob notwithstanding. (Or perhaps included.)

If I break into a chorus of "What I Did For Love" now, will that help balance things out?

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Sorry, drastic times call for drastic measures: give us a 5-minute, comprehensive Barbra Streisand medley, make it good, and do it now!

Posted by Huntington @ 02/02/2004 05:05 PM PST

Seriously, the commercials this year were godawful, but what does one expect from CBS? The network should leave Super Bowl to the real stations who live for racy, controversial minutiae, and return to what they know best: entertaining AARP members and Christians.

Posted by -J. @ 02/02/2004 08:39 PM PST

Wow! Jhames used "minutiae" and "Christian" in the same comment.

I do not know why I find this fascinating this morning.



Posted by Nala @ 02/04/2004 05:45 AM PST

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