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07/27/2004 Entry: "Enough Lube For All Of Folsom Street."

How was my afternoon at the Dore Alley Street Fair? Well, pretty good: I got a leaner on a wiener.

...What, you want more explaination that that?

Ok, The Steamworks, a local-area sexclub was doing a fundraiser for one of our local AIDS charities. For a donation they'd give you various leather "rings" to throw at a few rows of rather large dildos attached to a wall. They called it the "Cock Ring Toss." It was a lot harder than it looked. (Sorry. Had to make the pun.) I threw one that balanced on top of one of the big dongs. Not around it, but on top. Go me. I resisted the urge to tell people that really, I did know how cockrings worked and that this wasn't the most effect way to attach one.

But they let me take a prize anyway...either a black t-shirt or something that looked like a "chip clip." And at a leather street fair, I didn't want to ask questions about what you used the chip clip for. (They also threw in more lube. How long does lube normally last before it expires?) When I got home, I discovered that the shirt was a 3XL. Oh well. As long as the Boyfriend doesn't think I brought some hot bear guy home with me afterwards, it's fine.

On the other hand, I ate all of that bag of potato chips because I didn't have any way to close it. So maybe I should have thought about my options better.

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I think "dong" is like my 3rd favourite word after "moist" and "retard".

There is just never an appropriate time to use the word "dong" so when I hear it, or even read it, I laugh.

Now of course I need to find out what the hell a "chip clip" is used for. I am not accustomed to your strange Pacific coast customs and culture.

Posted by Nala @ 07/27/2004 05:12 AM PST

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