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08/03/2004 Entry: "Tell Me Why."

Why did I spend money on daily moisturizer with sunscreen if I never leave the office during the day?

Why did I start a new video game, knowing how compulsive I am about playing a new game, during a week with a ton of deadlines? Why can't I seem to stop myself from turning it on and playing for a few hours?

Why do my eyes hurt and I feel irritable, unfocused, and tired? (Oh, wait, see above question.)

Why does the process of making my teeth healthier make them hurt so frickin' much?

Why did it take me so long to write this dumb post? And why does it sound an awful lot like the Sturtle's?

Replies: 3 comments

Here I was thinking you had somehow channeled Jada Kiss. My bad.

Posted by -J. @ 08/04/2004 07:54 PM PST

I was thinking more along the lines of Terri Nunn or Jimmy Somerville, but maybe that's me. (And perhaps I'm dating myself there, too...)

Posted by Casey @ 08/05/2004 07:19 PM PST

Still, I love picturing you walking down the street with your posse behind you.

Posted by -J. @ 08/06/2004 09:41 AM PST

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