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11/03/2004 Entry: "Beer And Imagination."

As the expression goes, did you know that approximately one-half of all Americans have below-average intelligence?

I love that so many people cited "Moral Values" as the reason they voted for Bush. Funny, but "Moral Values" are the reason I voted for Kerry.

I understand why people are jokingly (or seriously) looking into leaving the country. But that feels a lot like having my country stolen away from me. Yeah, I'm not pleased with the election results either, but there they are. You don't get involved in progressive politics expecting to win all the time. In fact, if you support progressive opinions, you should provavly get used to not winning a lot of big battles. There will be plenty of small ones to be won and savored first. Remember the lessons of Molly Ivins as a Texas Liberal:

...[M]ost of us..., if we stay angry all the time, we get bitter and tired and cynical and burned out and utterly useless. And what you have to do is have fun while you're trying to do good.

That's not an easy trick, but we in Texas find that imagination and beer are really helpful.

Today, have some beer (or your personal equivalent). Tomorrow, we need to start using our imaginations.

Some other links I liked today:

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"...we get bitter and tired and cynical and burned out and utterly useless."

Um... stop talking about me.

Posted by Nala @ 11/04/2004 05:02 AM PST

exactly! we need to stay around to live to fight another day. four years isn't so very long in the bigger scheme of things. after another four years of this nonsense, surely the majority of americans will see the folly of an elitist religious government. if we stick around, we'll be so happy when the republican regime falls.

Posted by thomas @ 11/06/2004 09:49 PM PST

Since we are reading so much about "values," please define this word for me. My values are honesty, caring for our children, the elderly and providing for those in need.

Posted by rizpillcafe @ 11/19/2004 08:40 PM PST

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