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11/23/2004 Entry: "And The Sunshine Band? Jones? At The Bat?"

Actually, it is relatively infrequent that I get mistaken for a gay porn star.

Hey, it could happen.

OK, it never happens. But I must thank BJ for recognizing my potential as a "not yet pornstar." Never know when I might decide to get a second career. Afterall, I've already got the 268th most common male name; now all I need are the hot body, the big dick and a willingness to expose myself to the world. Look out world; I'm 25% of the way there!

Replies: 4 comments

Make sure you let us know WELL ahead of time so we can start saving for your movies. :)

Posted by Clay @ 11/23/2004 11:24 PM PST

Oh come on... you know you want to expose yourself. Amateur porn! I'll just get Nala to fix his video camera.

Posted by Gigamatt @ 11/24/2004 05:03 AM PST

Only if he agrees to do some felching and fisting footage and lets me direct the film as "evil porn clown noir".

Posted by Nala @ 11/24/2004 06:32 AM PST

You could at least post a pic of your penis so we could judge for ourselves.

Posted by Jeff @ 11/29/2004 11:30 AM PST

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