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08/08/2005 Entry: "Contributing To The Problem."

No, I swear I'm not suffering from Blog Depression. Though I probably could use a little therapy.

Mostly I've just been procrastinating all the things I need to be doing (my taxes, cleaning, writing, exercising) by doing a lot of other things instead (playing, working, Web surfing, and shopping for formal wear—more on that later.) I'd like to get back in the habit of posting, but I ought to get back in the habit of sleeping too.

OK, I need to hit submit and post this (it's been sitting, mostly finished, in my browser window all day) so I can finish working, so I can go home and have dinner with The Boyfriend so I can play so I can sleep. Funny how it all snowballs like that.

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I found it is always better to live life than sit around recording it. Did I say that? I need a drink.

Posted by Jhames @ 08/08/2005 07:31 PM PST

Playing (WoW), working (on leveling up your crafting in WoW), Web surfing (WoW forums) and shopping for formal wear (for that day you get your mount in WoW)? I'm on to you kid. =P

Posted by Lester @ 08/14/2005 09:09 AM PST

I am so putting you to shame right now.

Posted by Greg @ 08/17/2005 01:25 PM PST

Dear Mr LaBruce,

I am in love with you. Is that wrong? no... I live in Sydney and it is in your best interest to come down under, spend a month with me and then we'll move to Berlin together and live happily ever after. Clearly you'll have to get rid of your boyfriend, but leave the rest to me. As you can see, I've worked everything out.
Oh and it's your general wonderfulness - summed up through your cuteness, smarts and the funnyment - that made me fall for you. I actually had no idea that you existed until last night when I watched 'Hustler White' and ran to google to find your email. That, I could not find, so lets hope this gets to you; but I did read a couple of articles of yours including one about your love affair with Berlin. I was there 4 weeks ago and cannot wait to be a real Burgermeister there one day.

Your new best friend and potential lover,


Auch... Bist du freudlich? Wer ich ficken will muss freundlich sein. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht!

Posted by Duncan Rose @ 08/26/2005 01:49 AM PST

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