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10/18/2005 Entry: "Pretty On The Outside."

Thursday they are taking pictures for a company brochure, and I'm being paired with a newer "younger" employee on my team. [cough] But I suppose I ought to get a haircut beforehand and find out what clothes I need to wear. (Probably orange--not a great color on me.) I could skip the haircut I suppose--it's only been a few weeks since my last one--but my mental state is usually better suited for being photographed if I'm recently shorn, and that's half the battle.

Saturday we have been invited to attend a friend's wedding. So I need a new suit. Well, more to the point, I need something that isn't black; I actually have my heart set on a grey pinstripe, if I can find the right one. (Yes I know, that sounds like a violation of the rules of Goth deportment and decorum but so is my pink shirt; bite me if you don't like it.)

We have a costume party to attend this Halloween weekend. First time in a while I've had one to attend. Of course, I couldn't possibly re-use a costume I've worn before, oh no. And of course I have elaborate plans for costumes for both me and the Boyfriend. And naturally I'm doing this while working on a fundraiser at work (which may involve another costume as well) along with a large amount of work per usual.

Seems like a lot of effort for all these short-lived personas. But given all the other costumes I wear on a daily basis--the landlord costume, the good corporate citizen costume, the forum moderator costume, and of course, the itinerant blogger costume--a few more won't matter much, will they?

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OMG.. the hot pants rule!

Posted by Greg @ 10/19/2005 08:20 AM PST

I soooooo insist that you and Paul wear those somewhere I can see... I promise I will supress the laughter until I am around the corner...

*giggle**snort* Okay forget it, I can't even stop it now....

Posted by Sillynun @ 10/20/2005 08:03 AM PST

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