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02/14/2006 Entry: "Far More Information Than You Needed To Know."

It used to be that, when I had a cold, I'd figure out how sick I was by seeing if I was at all interested in masturbation. These days, I can tell how sick I am using World of Warcraft in the same manner. The parallel is not lost on me, either.

Today I have had a phenomenal sinus headache that has only now found a little relief after using all of the traditional methods—drugs, tea, a hot shower, the warm washcloth mask, even getting Medieval on that mucus. It's a somewhat strange sensation to pour saline solution in one nostril and have it flow out the other—moreso in concept than in actual practice—but if it works I'm not going to knock it. I thought I was the only one who'd heard of a Neti-Pot until Vince asked if I had one.

Maybe my head has cleared enough to play a little bit. Well, It's better than watching HGTV Repeats for another few hours. At least I didn't call in sick to my boss through the game, which might have looked bad. Though at the same time, he might have understood.

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I've been sick for 2 months. TWO MONTHS. And all the doc does is throw different antibiotics at me. I'm gonna try that. It cant hurt any more than the over-the-counter meds I'm taking. The earliest I can see the ENT is 6 weeks from now, and I cant wait that long.

Posted by gigamatt @ 02/15/2006 08:32 AM PST

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