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Saturday, March 10, 2001

Getting there

I'm much happier with this design. It's not complicated, but I'd rather have something workable for now. I just needed to go through a month of hell to come back to it and (mostly) change it in a day. Now I'm on to the bug fixing bits, and then the content generation part.

Hopefully I'll be more consistent at writing these small snippets than I am at writing my journal.

Do you like the new page? Voting's open.

10:18 PM PST (link)

Beta Site Notice

Please note that this is a beta release of Ultramundane.com. Testing is still in progress, and the CSS is a little, um, funky. But were're getting there! Thanks for your patience.

07:22 PM PST (link)

I could have been meaner.

Because I could have been meaner. I thought about putting up pictures of naked boys in dog collars, but I didn't.

04:26 PM PST (link)


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