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Friday, May 31, 2002

Eat Them Up, Yum.

Bridge Delay: It is very slow trying to get onto the lower deck of the Bay Bridge due to an earlier fish spill. Traffic, which is now moving, is backed up through San Francisco Northbound on 101 to Third street.

Fish heads on the bridge! Quick! Somebody alert Barnes and Barnes!

Thankfully, there is a decided lack of piscine intruders on BART, so it's off to see Vertigo at the Paramount. Maybe I'll see David there.

05:42 PM PST (link)

Cloud on my Tongue.

I swear to god I had a diary entry all planned out sometime last week. What happened?

I was at the Boyfriend's workplace this afternoon (as a client, this time, not just a visitor) and walked into their office area to say goodbye. Which is to say, I walked in right past the "Meeting in Progress" sign, not realizing what it said until I was standing there, embarrassed, in the midst of all his coworkers, looking at me and wondering what I was doing in their meeting.

Did I mention that my mental fog is a little thicker than usual lately?

The fog makes it easier to manipulate my emotions too. I heard a story on NPR yesterday morning about a woman who was retrieving items out of her late significant other's car beneath the World Trade Center. When they pried open the trunk for her, she found an undamaged, wrapped birthday present he had bought for her. I may claim to be think I am a cynical fuck, but damn if my eyes don't get a little misty just writing about it.

12:40 AM PST (link)

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Yesterday's Post...Still True Today!

I do hereby and officially declare this world completely stupid.

07:37 PM PST (link)

Monday, May 27, 2002

Born To Cry.

While we had a lovely time at the Sonoma winery Saturday, neither the Boyfriend or I were prepared for the pollen. Within minutes of getting there, I started sneezing and tearing up, and even after taking a allergy pill, my eyes were still itchy and irritiated.

After a day, the Boyfriend seems to be finally recovering from his congested sinuses; I, however, seem to have acquired an eye that's a lovely shade of pink. Despite a night's sleep and today's liberal (internal) applications of blueberry syrup and a new firewire cable, respectively, neither my eye nor my external hard drive seem to have recovered. This may mean that my entire MP3 library has been suddenly "recycled." I would cry if my eye didn't hurt when I did so.

Tonight? I'm vain enough that even if I have tomorrow to recover, I don't think I'd want to be seen at a club night tonight (Quite frankly, both my eye and I are too irritated to be bothered.) I'd be depressed about this all, but I'm doing my best to self medicate.

12:47 AM PST (link)


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