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05/30/2001 Entry: "A Samurai without Clan or Lord."

White Wolf game books have always showcased some wonderfully spooky and evocative artists, like illustrator Christopher Shy. A fan has collected an archive of his work from the books. Good stuff.

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They're incredible, the kind of images that draw your eye to several places so you can absorb every little meticulous detail. Astounding.

T'was cool to see in color some of the images found in the newest Mage edition, as well.

Posted by Jason @ 05/31/2001 02:27 PM PST

Actually, it's more than me just collecting his works, he has agreed to send me scans of his work specifically for my site.

Posted by Peloquin @ 05/31/2001 03:35 PM PST

You probably have seen this, but Steve Jackson Games is printing a deluxe hardcover book of Shy's art.

Posted by General Knowledge @ 05/31/2001 03:50 PM PST

Peloquin: Lucky bastard! :)

Posted by Jason @ 05/31/2001 11:55 PM PST

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