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06/01/2001 Entry: "Angry, 42, Irish."

Sounds like one of my ex-boyfriends. Okay. One of three thematically different diary entries down, one half-written, one forthcoming. In the meantime:

· Get an advance MP3s preview of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. (link via Matt)

· The bus line to my work is being discontinued. So much for having door-to-door one-bus service. Of course, I never really bothered because it was slower, but dammit, I liked having the option.

· Have you ever liked an Irish boy?

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Whereas, "Angry, Irish, 42" made me think of Martin McGuinness, but he's a little older than 42.

"Danny Boy" is also slang for 20£ and "cat" is an adjective meaning "bad". These and more can be found here, although I have been told that not all of them are accurate. And he would know, wouldn't he?

Maybe I should suggest the book to my little Specky Four Eyes; I'm sure we would love it...

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 06/01/2001 01:32 PM PST

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