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07/06/2001 Entry: "Sing along!"

On the second year of bingo, the Sisters gave to me:
 Twelve queens quipping,
 Eleven dykes daubing,
 Ten games of bingo,
 Nine spanks from drag queens,
 Eight fashion victims,
 Seven shards of cellphone,
 Six shirtless beauhunks,
 Four nuns in habits,
 Three bad wigs,
 Two hours of laughter,
 And an ex-boyfriend working the door!

Replies: 7 comments

My, aren't we just too clever...

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 07/06/2001 01:20 PM PST

Bah, I would not be daubing. ;P

Posted by tasha @ 07/06/2001 04:46 PM PST

But if you weren't daubing, you'd miss the numbers! Sister Betty reads the numbers FAST! (But the shirtless boys were, um, not so quick, if you know what I mean.)

Posted by Casey @ 07/06/2001 11:44 PM PST

Dammit, bingo rocks. Why don't they have this in Chicago?

Posted by Jason @ 07/07/2001 01:08 PM PST

Surprisingly, there's no official House of the Sisters in Chicago...

Posted by General Knowledge @ 07/08/2001 09:50 PM PST

There's no bingo here? Surely you jest.

Posted by tasha @ 07/09/2001 06:06 AM PST

Oh, there's all sorts of bingo in Chicago. An ex-bf and I spent a couple Sunday mornings bingoing away. By "this" I meant "bingo hosted by those delightful Sisters." There seems to be a Chicago branch of "Missionary Order / The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc." but there's no contact info for the Chicago area.

Posted by Jason @ 07/09/2001 08:49 AM PST

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