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07/07/2001 Entry: "Ad Banner Review."

Since I get ad space on diaryland for buying a gold membership, I figured I ought to use it. I just finished this ad banner (pop-up window) to "promote" my online diary. I like it, but I'm not sure it conveys the actual whiny and mundane style of the diary. Then again, I don't think it much matters, either. What do you think...post it or not? Your comments and votes are welcome.

Replies: 3 comments

By all that's holy! That's the funniest thing you've ever done!

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 07/07/2001 12:36 AM PST

Oh, that's *lovely.*

Posted by Jason @ 07/07/2001 01:09 PM PST

Easiest review session I've done today. Yes, post the damn thing.

Posted by Mark @ 07/07/2001 11:09 PM PST

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